Monitor Your Environment From Any Location

CloudHawk allows you to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, water leakage, humidity, airflow and security through a secure web browser. Real-time alerts and graphical reports allow you to respond quickly to potential disasters or downtime scenarios.

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Mobile Access

With CloudHawk, you can access information about your valuable assets from any Web Browser, including on Mobile Devices. Imagine being able to check the airflow in your server room, the temperature of your storage coolers or the humidity of your rental properties from any location.


Sensor Dashboard

View the Status of all of your Sensors from our easy to use Dashboard. At a glance you can see all of your Devices and the Sensors that are connected to them along with their Status.

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Advanced Alerting

With advanced alerting you can configure your Sensors to alert you via Email or SMS Text Message when conditions change. For example, if there is a drop in airflow, if liquid is detected or if cooling systems fail, you will receive advanced notification so you can react before the situation is out of control.